June 1, 2019

The Head & The Heart - Living Mirage

Track Listing


  1. See You Through My Eyes
  2. Missed Connection
  3. People Need A Melody
  4. Honeybee
  5. Brenda


  1. Running Through Hell
  2. Up Against The Wall
  3. Saving Grace
  4. I Found Out
  5. Living Mirage
  6. Glory of Music

May 2019

Our Record of the Month for May 2019 was Living Mirage by The Head and the Heart, pressed on exclusive clear and white swirl vinyl!

Living Mirage was born out of growing pains the band experienced through the release of their last album. While making this album, they traveled to the Mojave Desert to spark inspiration and to try to get back to the spontaneous, joyful nature of the time when the band was conceived. What results is a sweeping, dynamic album we know you’ll love.

From the curator, The Lone Bellow

“The Head And The Heart has a beautiful backstage feeling.  We’ve had the honor of sharing the stage with them and have been the recipients of their warm-hearted hospitality.  

The kindness in the individuals in the band can be heard throughout their first three albums and the feel of their electrifying live show is well-demonstrated Living Mirage, their new album.  

We hope you will also feel this warmth in this latest collection from these soul-searching writers.”

– The Lone Bellow 

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