Track List

1. Mighty Soul
2. Dreams
3. No Right Way
4. Lonesome Times
5. Alright To Hide
6. Panic Attack
7. Sing My Song
8. Summer Days
9. House On Fire
10. Morning Prayer
11. Colors
12. High-Class
13. Blood On Yer Lips
14. Strawberry Mansion
15. The Mansion
16. Last One Standing
17. Something Higher
18. Red Bird
19. For The Children (demo)

January 2021

Langhorne Slim - Strawberry Mansion

The Record

Welcome to Strawberry Mansion.

This is a collection of 18 songs written in March, April and May of 2020. The beginning of a new world. The unraveling of an old one. A wildly strange time where we’ve found ourselves collectively holding our breath, learning how best to exhale again. Up until this point, I hadn’t finished a song in quite some time. Like many have before and I suppose many will after, I feared I might not write one again. But then they came and they came quickly. Almost as quickly as we recorded em. Keep it simple I’d tell myself. I keep telling myself that. Mat was in Austin and Paul down the street at home in Nashville. All of us doing our best versions of a quarantined life amidst a global pandemic. I called the boys and they were down to play. If that ain’t brotherhood I don’t know what is and I started to exhale a bit.

Strawberry Mansion is the neighborhood in Philly that my grandfathers Jack + Sid grew up in. It’s become a place of myths for me. A place that’s dirty but sweet, tough but full of love. Where giants roamed the earth + had names like Whistle + Curly.

These songs and these friends are gifts from the spirits and I’m wildly grateful for em all. It’s a mad world indeed but there’s beauty in the madness. Always + forever.

With fiery love from us to you.

Yours in curiosity, confusion + song,

The Curator

Jill Andrews
I have known Langhorne Slim since the early 2000s. Our run-ins were random at first, a hug and “hello, it’s good to see you again” in several green rooms across the country, supporting our many tours that seemed to follow the same dotted lines on the map. It wasn’t until 2012 when we both found ourselves living in Nashville that I really got to know Sean Scolnick, the slim man from Langhorne, Pennsylvania as a friend. We have shared many cups of tea, many laughs, and many stages singing a sweet duet that we wrote together called “Sea of Love.” 
In hearing Strawberry Mansion today for the first time, as a longtime fan, I have to tell you that it is a very special record. The majority of it was written during a pandemic that has had many of us feeling lonely and hopeless. It responds to such a time by calling those negative feelings out from their dark corners, reminding us that it’s okay to sit with them for a while and to really feel them. It’s like having a friend in isolation who knows what you’re going through, because they are going through it too. It convinces you that you look amazing in your sweatpants, leaves you feeling utterly inspired, ready to get up and pivot your ass off until your future looks as bright as the sun which you now remember still comes up every blessed day. Thanks for the reminder Langhorne. I needed it today and I bet there are a few others out there who will need it too. 
– Jill Andrews
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