January 16, 2018


Track Listing


  1. Take It All Back (String Quartet Op. 9 n C Major)
  2. Stockholm
  3. Back’s Against The Wall
  4. Mason-Dixon Line
  5. Kickin’ Da Leaves


  1. Only To Be With You
  2. Going To Mars
  3. Sweet Tennessee
  4. Rich Kids
  5. Conversations

January 2018

Our January Record of the Month for January 2018 was “Magnolia Record Club presents: Judah & the Lion”, which features a variety of Judah & the Lion’s songs from over the years.

All the songs on this exclusive, limited edition record pressed in clear wax vinyl, were chosen by Judah & the Lion themselves.

As always, our subscribers received a note from our founder and curator Drew Holcomb, which read as follows:

From the curator, Drew…

There is nothing like watching your friends go from a local opening band to one of the hottest musical acts in the business. My first time meeting Judah and the Lion was when they opened our show at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville in 2013. They were massively energetic and making music in the same family as the Lumineers and Mumford and Sons… Banjo, Kick Drum, and lots of fun. Then, they opened our 2014 Spring Tour and had the crowd in a frenzy every night. They have made a lot of music in their short tenure as a band, and their development is hard to miss. They made a sharp left turn with their 2016 LP, Folk Hop N Roll, adding hip-hop elements to their folky anthems. It has proven to be a tremendously successful artistic move.

In the last few years, they have played nearly every late night TV show, opened the arena tour for Twenty One Pilots, sold out large venues all over the country and played to tens of thousands at festivals in multiple continents; all while still taking creative chances, and even more importantly still being really great guys.

This collection of songs was put together by Judah and his bandmates Brian and Nate, and it has songs from every album. Many of these songs have never been printed on vinyl. This is a milestone record for Magnolia Record Club, as it was curated by the artist themselves, a collection of songs that show who they are in every era. We hope you enjoy it!

– Drew

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