Surprise The Music lover In Your Life

Gift a 3, 6, or 12 month gift collection to your favorite music lover. The collection comes with one (1) vinyl record per month as well Listening Notes from our artist curator. Only available for shipping in the United States.

6 month

12 month

3 Month Gift Collection = $78 ($26 per box)
6 Month Gift Collection = $156 ($26 per box)
12 Month Gift Collection = $300 ($25 per box)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do gifts work?

It’s simple, really. After you select the duration of subscription you’d like to give and provide the recipient’s name and address, we will ship the subscription directly to them!

Can I include a special note?

Yes, of course! You can also download a Magnolia card to give to your recipient before their box arrives! 

Can I subscribe?

We’d love to have you join the club!

When will my record ship?

Packages leave our shipping facility between the 1st and 7th of the following month.

What does a gift include?

Every month, the gift recipient will receive:

  • 1 vinyl record per month hand selected by our artist curator

  • An original art print

  • A note from our artist curator

Will the person I am gifting to receive notice of their gift?

We get it, maybe you want your gift to be a surprise! Fantastic. We won’t spoil the surprise. The recipient of the gift will not receive any notice of their gift from us until you tell us it’s ok to e-mail them when you purchase the collection.

Is shipping free?

Heck yeah!! How neat is that?

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