David Ramirez

July 31, 2018

Magnolia Record Club Presents: David Ramirez

Track Listing


  1. Wandering Man
  2. Shoeboxes
  3. Strange Town
  4. Argue With Heaven
  5. Stick Around (Acoustic Version)


  1. Fire of Time
  2. The Bad Days
  3. The Forgiven
  4. Don’t Call Me Cryin’
  5. Glory

July 2018

This month’s ROTM is an extra special Magnolia Record Club exclusive, pressed on pink vinyl. Featuring 11 songs never before released on vinyl, this limited edition record is made up of David Ramirez’s first two EPs, Strangetown and The Rooster, plus “Stick Around (acoustic version)”. The artwork design is a combination of his art for Strangetown, his first EP, and his most recent 2017 release We’re Not Going Anywhere, an ode to the full catalog of his career.

From the curator, Drew Holcomb…

We have had the pleasure of touring alongside a lot of really great artists over the years, sometimes with us as the opening act, and sometimes with them as the opening act. I think note for note, word for word, David Ramirez, is one of the most compelling artists we have ever toured with. He is a songwriter’s songwriter, and each night we listened to him play with just his guitar and a microphone and get rowdy bar crowds to go stone dead silent as they listened to his real world, hard luck, down but not out, songs. 

We are thrilled to feature two of his earlier EPs, never before released on vinyl, as an exclusive to you, Magnolia Record Club. I think you will love what you hear. From the Strangetown EP, and the Rooster EP, come some lyrical photographs of heartbreak like “Shoeboxes” where he croons “It kills me to see you, and it kills me not to,” a very Ramirez-esque recognition of the contradictions of love and loss. Both EPs are full of his thoughtful and evisceratingly human songs. 

We are also including a never released acoustic version of his fan favorite song, “Stick Around”. 

Bringing you exclusive vinyl records is one of the great joys of this club. Enjoy Mr. Ramirez.

-Drew Holcomb

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