September 1 2018

Amos Lee - My New Moon

Track Listing


  1. No More Darkness, No More Light
  2. Louisville
  3. Little Light
  4. All You Got Is A Song
  5. I Get Weak


  1. Crooked
  2. Hang On, Hang On
  3. Don’t Give A Damn Anymore
  4. Whiskey On Ice
  5. Don’t Fade Away

August 2018

This month’s ROTM was Amos Lee’s newest release, My New Moon, pressed on an limited edition clear vinyl—exclusively from the club.

With his seventh album, Amos Lee reaches into experiences of hope, hopelessness, loss, and renewal. The result is the most wide-ranging musical effort of his career, a set of songs that examines issues of mortality, survival, connection, and celebration in ways that are both deeply personal and profoundly universal.

From the curator, Drew Holcomb…

As an artist, I am often asked some version of the question, “Who are your influences?”, “Who do you look up to as an artist?” etc… Most of the time my answers are folks much older than me who have been making music long before I picked up my first guitar. Amos Lee is the glaring exception to this answer for me. Since his debut in the early 2000’s, Amos Lee has continued to put out stellar records full of great songs complimented by a generational voice. 

I had the pleasure in 2016 to tour with him for a couple weeks and it was a tremendous experience to see him and a crack band take the audience on a narrative and musical journey. One of our stops, and probably the best of the tour was in “Louisville” which happens to be one of the best songs on this new album too. 

Amos is a classicist like me, firmly in the family tree of all the legendary songwriters like Van Morrison and Otis Redding, using voice and songwriting to connect to the universal themes of love, loss, and finding our place in the world. He always manages to do this without being derivative. Personally, I always love the drum grooves on his records just about more than any records being put out, and “LIttle Light” and “No More Darkness” prove the point on this new record, My New Moon. This is Amos’ first record out on Dualtone Records. Dualtone works with so many of the artists I love including The Lumineers, Shovels & Rope, and Shakey Graves.

-Drew Holcomb

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