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We’re thrilled to offer our members the new album by Cereus Bright, Give Me Time, on exclusive grey and black splatter vinyl!

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A lot has changed for Cereus Bright and for Tyler Anthony. As the band he founded a decade ago quietly wore down, the Knoxville, Tennessee-based songwriter took a step back from the project and re-evaluated his relationship with music. Anthony decided the best path forward―if there was to be one at all―would be as a solo artist, pursuing a more fluid and personal version of creativity. Part of Anthony’s re-emergence as Cereus Bright involved removing himself from the rigors and valleys of professional musicianship, taking a full-time job, and writing songs as he’d first done – in the margins. The result is his new LP, Give Me Time, a patient, breathtaking work that intimately explores Anthony’s flaws and rough edges, his triumphs and maturation. Anthony looked deep into his past, wrestling with his deeply religious upbringing, the complexities of 21st-century society, and the idea of giving up on his dream.

“With Give Me Time, I wanted to look back and look in,” Anthony explains. “I wanted to find some sort of generosity, not just defaulting to anger. Honesty became very important to me. Good things happen and hard things happen. I wanted to explore everything in between,” he adds.

In letting go of one version of the future, he’s found a new freedom and a new musical mission. “I’m pretty adamant about trying to help other artists consider other paths forward, because I see people who put all their eggs in one basket with one definition of success,” he says. “They get burned out and then they stop. There are a lot of 20-year-olds that can swing it, but it’s hard to sustain. I want music from the 40-year-olds and the 50-year-olds. I want the songwriters to be around and not hang it up because it didn’t look the way they expected,” he adds. For Anthony, music is a dimension to life, something grown out of experience, and something to be shared. And one day, Tyler Anthony will be 50 as well, writing songs simply because he still can.

Give Me Time, produced by Thad Kopec and Juan Solorzano, is due out May 28th.

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